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Tham Khang Khao data from Internet  ,  , Thai Back-Link Neighborhood: 
paths of length <= 2 sorted in chronological order - data from Internet  , Underground Cavity Back-Link Neighborhood: 
paths of length <= 2 sorted in chronological order Create instance of  Underground Cavity <> - data from Internet  , ed71c66eb79e2649d1ab45d2a5bdbadc Back-Link Neighborhood: 
paths of length <= 2 sorted in chronological order - data from Internet  , 4022 data from Internet  , TH data from Internet  , Turn off the sealed road at 'Rai Kanchana' and head towards the cliffs. The cave is straight ahead where the track ends at an orchard about 100 m from the cliff. The upper entrance to Tham Khang Khao can be seen from the end of this track. data from Internet  , Martin Ellis data from Internet  , EN data from Internet  , 16.632100589948 data from Internet  , PS0041 data from Internet  , Tham Nam Tok is a resurgence cave feeding a pond at the foot of the mountain, about 50 m north of Tham Khang Khao. At the entrance is a low airspace duck with deep water. This can be passed to a stream passage. At a point 20 m from the entrance, a tight passage has been climbed to a higher entrance 15 m above the lower one. In the main passage after 20 m it is necessary to duck through on the right past a couple of rifts into the continuation of the stream passage. The passage gets larger and the walls are coated with flowstone. 90 m from the entrance the passage splits at a pool held back by a flowstone barrier. Straight on, up another flowstone cascade, ends at a pool where the water is thought to well up from the bottom. To the right at the junction is a sloping rift that has been followed for about 10 m. This cave is the resurgence for the Tham Khang Khao stream and although the link has not been confirmed by cavers, blue water supply hoses from Tham Nam Tok have been seen down the pitch that takes the Tham Khang Khao stream. - Tham Khang Khao is the obvious entrance that can be seen part way up the cliff with a footpath leading up to it across the field. The upper entrance is 5 m square and gives access into the roof of a large stream cave, but to reach the stream a 20 m pitch would have to be descended. Instead, 10 m below Tham Khang Khao and a little to the south is a second smaller entrance at the base of a small cliff which gives access to the stream level of the cave via an easy scramble down boulders. Below the entrance climb the downstream passage has been pushed through boulders to come out 50 m to the south, at a point which must be close to the end of Tham Dak Ga Deen Yak. - The main stream passage is 1.5 km long and goes upstream. The passage is 15-20 m high by 5 m wide and floored with gravel, bedrock and occasional pools. About 150 m from the entrance a large proportion of the stream disappears down a hole with a 4 m pitch on the north-west side of the passage. This pitch lands in deep water and looks like it might sump, but blue water supply pipes which have been installed from Tham Nam Tok can be seen, confirming the link. - The main stream passage ends at a large chamber where two tributary streams join. In the chamber, between the two inlet stream passages, a steep 10 m climb up flowstone led into an inlet passage that was explored for an estimated 100 m and had footprints coming into the cave! Other possible passages or alcoves are visible in the roof of the chamber. The left hand tributary can be followed for another kilometre to an upstream sump. This passage is mainly less than 2 m wide and is 2 to 5 m high. After 600 m the passage becomes a flat out crawl, which has a high level bypass. Upstream of this obstacle there is a large chamber before the sump. The right hand tributary has just under a kilometre of passage to another upstream sump. Two short inlets have been explored to avens. data from Internet  , 71 data from Internet  , Martin Ellis data from Internet  , 105 data from Internet  , 53 data from Internet  , 100.65866200388426 data from Internet  , EN data from Internet  ,  ,