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Tham Racha Phuttha data from Internet  ,  , Thai Back-Link Neighborhood: 
paths of length <= 2 sorted in chronological order - data from Internet  , Underground Cavity Back-Link Neighborhood: 
paths of length <= 2 sorted in chronological order Create instance of  Underground Cavity <> - data from Internet  , 5c41af6c977894570b0186fe303898f6 Back-Link Neighborhood: 
paths of length <= 2 sorted in chronological order - data from Internet  , 1504 data from Internet  , TH data from Internet  , From the H4 junction with the H415, travel 5.8km in the direction heading from Thap Put to Phang Nga town on H4. This will take you through the village of Ban Tham Thong Lang (old sign in English, but hard to read) to a right hand junction signed to Ban Niwang (sign in English). Turn right here and after 100m turn right at the next junction following this road, passing a quarry on your right with the crushing area on the left. Ignore the minor road on your right and after 1.4km you will reach another junction with a concrete road on your right. Follow this road for 1.3km, which starts off relatively flat between the karst hills, passing through some villages and a basic football field on your right before reaching a junction where you should go straight ahead (and not take the turning on the right). Continue to follow this road (which starts off as concrete, but becomes a rough track) for a further 1.8km which climbs uphill then down between palm oil tree plantations, crossing a couple of bridges over a small streams. You then reach a small track on your left, ahead is a small bridge to houses. Turn left here and after 200m you will arrive at a parking area for the temple. data from Internet  , Martin Ellis data from Internet  , EN data from Internet  , 8.570620522461933 data from Internet  , PH0080 data from Internet  , Tham Racha Phuttha is a classic stream cave and is currently the longest known cave in the Phang Nga area. There are two entrances. The main, dry entrance is very obvious on the left when entering the temple area and is developed with a partial concrete floor, Buddha images, etc. In January 2012 this was being upgraded with additional ceramic floor tiles. A large passage leads around massive speleothems to reach the stream after 60 m. The stream sink entrance is located behind the temple and is smaller in size with some crawling required. Downstream from where the main entrance and stream sink meet, the cave is mostly easy walking in a meandering passage for 700 m. The water is shallow and extensive gravel banks line the cave. A couple of short crawls and a stooping section add interest. Parts of the main stream passage are well decorated with good displays of helictites and anthodites. Visitors have broken many stalactites though some are regrowing. - At 700 m from the main entrance, the stream starts falling down rapids and a boulder chamber opens up. The stream disappears into the breakdown and cannot be followed far. Scrambling over the muddy boulder pile regains the stream on the other side after 80 m. Here the cave continues as a rift, 10 m high, inclined at about 70�. Varied walking, short crawls and climbing over boulders reaches the end of the cave after 200 m at a static sump having left the stream where it flows into a too tight passage. The obvious upper level is mud choked. A strong draught blows throughout the cave indicating that another entrance could exist. data from Internet  , 21 data from Internet  , Martin Ellis data from Internet  , 165 data from Internet  , 3675 data from Internet  , 98.60545745592974 data from Internet  , EN data from Internet  ,  ,